Electric Name Light Lamp

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Lamp Features:

  • Length: 7 inches
  • Width: 7 Inches
  • Base: 1 inches
  • Light Count: 12
  • Material: Acrylic Sheet
  • Base Material: Wood
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  • Customized Name Light Lamp that you can customize with your name on it.
  • Highly DurableMade with highly durable acrylic sheets and crafted with the perfect length and width to give the perfect glow to your name & design
  • Fully CustomizableName Light Lamp can be customized with your name, Logo, Picture, Design, or anything you want that can be engraved on this lamp. The sky is the limit to your imagination.
  • Perfect Lighting: The name/design is crafted on the lamp so perfectly that your name glows evenly on the glass sheet. Every Letter gets the perfect amount of light.
  • 12V Charger: The lamp operates on 12V and does not consume any electric power.
  • Contact us on Whatsapp: 03421620346

1 review for Electric Name Light Lamp

  1. Faisal Ihsan

    Hi I am Faisal Ihsan and I have buy a lamp for YouTube it’s Awesome I really appreciate it these saller are Awesome
    Thank you for Making a beautiful Product
    Everyone would need to buy something from this website they are also doing delivery I have received
    You guys can check unboxing video on my YTC

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