Double Ring Metallic Keychain With Engraved Name


  • Body: Metallic
  • Type: Keychain
  • Rings: Two
  • Design: Square Shape
  • Customizable: Yes
  • Luxury Box: Yes

Therefore, order now to get your ideal comrade or gift it to your loved ones in a luxury wrap. Advance Booking for birthdays and other events is available, so your product will deliver on time.

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Just like one person is not like the other in a similar way one keychain is not like the other. So in this era where individuality is becoming rare, we are proud to present for the first time in Pakistan, Double Ring Metallic Keychain of high and rust-resistant quality metal with your engraved name on it. A keychain for your individual self and personal style.

A very sleek design keychain that is the best keychain out there in town. Double Ring Metallic keychain has two metallic rings thus stores double the number of keys. Even with an increased number of rings, it keeps them sorted and easy to access. Moreover, customization is engraved on metal hence is eye-catching and gives an extra personal touch. It is very fashionable with no compromise on quality and functionality.


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